Sometimes we have a personality problem, and when that happens, will love come to the top? Gossip and negative talk can become very destructive.

It might be likened to someone who talked about a person, but then he felt regret, so he went to the person to apologize. He said "How can you ever forgive me?" He told him to go and collect a bag full of feathers, which he did, and took it the the brother. He said: "Now what do you want me to do?" He replied that on a windy day he should shake the feathers in the wind, which again he did. And again he went back and asked what he could do! The brother said: "Now go and collect all the feathers and put them all back in the bag."

You see, what has been said can be forgiven but can it ever be forgotten? Can things ever be brought back to before the gossip was spread?

A farmer who noticed that smoke was coming from the middle of his wheat field went to examine the place and he indeed found that someone had started a fire. Now instead of putting it out, he wanted everyone to see and show them what someone had started in his field. However, as he picked up the fire for evidence and started carrying it out of the field, he noticed that he was dropping sparks of fire, and as he looked back, he had set his whole field on fire.

Sometimes it is just better to put an end to things rather than spread gossip about someone.

REMEMBER: Gossip is destructive like a hungry tiger is to its prey.


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